What is borderline personality disorder?

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Borderline personality disorder refers to a condition that is mainly characterized by emotional instability. People diagnosed to have borderline personalities are typically impulsive in terms of making decisions and in many of their activities.  These people may also have unstable relationships because of their ever-changing moods and impulsive tendencies.

People with borderline personality always have negative emotions that make them encounter problems with their relationships with other people.  They are often very anxious or worried about different things in their lives.  Many fear about being abandoned by their partner, friends, or families. These feelings may either be real or simply imagined. Borderline personalities also have broken self images. They almost always feel depressed or disturbed. Some extreme cases of borderline personality disorder may also involve having suicidal tendencies.  With their negative emotions, many people with this disorder are also antagonistic or hostile to other people.  They often get into arguments and fights for seemingly normal concerns or circumstances.  Being very impulsive, borderline personalities may also become reckless drivers, big spenders, or binge eaters.

Three out of four cases of borderline personality disorder affect women.  Signs and symptoms of this disorder are said to start to become evident during childhood but diagnosis can only be made during early adulthood.  People’s emotions during adulthood are said to be a summary or collection of what had been experienced in the past.  Problems with interactions around the family or at school can eventually contribute to the instability of emotions involved in borderline personality.  With the varied intensity of negative emotions and personality concerns of people with borderline personalities, many of them will encounter more social and emotional problems when they are in relationships.  Encounters with other people at home, in school, or at the office may become problematic and chaotic because of the instability involved in borderline personality disorder.

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