What is boosting in MW2?

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What is boosting in MW2?

Boosting in MW2 refers to a cheat method that can be done on the Modern Warfare 2 video game.  This particular game is a very popular shooting kind of game that also allows for multiple players when using the online platform.  The game allows for player “boosting” in terms of acquiring skills or XP even if the player is actually new to the game and hasn’t really gained the necessary skills to progress further.  Some players, though, were able to find a way to boost their XP and get prestige points despite their being newbies to the platform.  This cheat mode, called boosting, can be done by two players who are in the same game, and all they need to do is to shoot each other while safely hidden in a particular spot.  With the seemingly endless shooting involved, each of the two players will then gain more XP, or Experience Points, and make it appear that they have progressed in the game with a bunch of skills that are enough to make them progress into more difficult skill levels.  Boosting is considered cheating in the MW2 world since all it results in is a leveling up of players without the actual gaming experience or skills training.

MW2, or Modern Warfare 2, is part of the growing number of Call of Duty video games which have become very popular in many parts of the world.  As the sixth installment to the series, this version is also designed for both XBOX 360’s Windows platform and Nintendo’s PlayStation gaming console.  Aside from the single-player mode on these gaming platforms, MW2 also has an online version that allows multiple players to be in the same gaming environment.  The online platform also features various improvements including new weapons, equipment, and player bonuses or rewards depending on the accomplished tasks and achieved skill requirements.

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