What is BMX?

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What is BMX?
BMX refers to the sport of “bicycle motocross”. This particular sport involves riding on obstacle courses, stunt riding, and a lot of freestyling and biking techniques. Some people also use the term “BMX” to the bike itself, which are specifically designed and manufactured to handle the varying demands of this adventure sport.

Original BMX racing obviously got inspiration from “motocross” which involved engine-powered bikes racing on dirt tracks. With the motocross idea and inspiration and the use of traditional bikes, the sport of BMX was born. It was said that the early 1970s marked the origin of BMX or bicycle motocross. Back in those days, many bicycle races were held on the same dirt tracks from which the motorcycles raced. This racing concept became very popular which led to manufacturers designing special bikes for motocross purposes. By the mid-1970s, the sport of BMX achieved critical mass popularity and started spreading to other parts of the US and the world.

With BMX’s soaring popularity across the globe, the basic motocross racing on dirt tracks has evolved into many other different sporting and race categories. One such category is the “Dirt Jump” which involves the bikers making stunts and jumps as they go through a dirt track. Another category is called the “Street or Park” category wherein biking is done on the street or on a bike park. In this category, riders go through several obstacles on the road and perform bike tricks and stunts along the way. Some riders may jump off obstacle stairs or do some grinding on the course railings and walls. Another popular category involves a ramp that resembles a half-pipe where riders perform tricks, spins, and stunts while off the ramp. For several minutes, riders will perform different tricks on the same ramp and hope to get a good score.

The sport of BMX significantly grew over the years. It even gained even more popular with its inclusion in the Summer X Games conducted by a US sports TV station. In 2003, BMX became an official Olympic sport and it debuted in the 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing, China.

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