What is BMW Premium Package?

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What is BMW Premium Package?
The BMW Premium Package refers to the “premium” features available on BMW’s 3 series cars. The 3-Series cars manufactured by BMW are placed under the compact executive car category. The premium package refers to the highest car trim level for any BMW 3 series cars.

Car trims or trim levels specify different configurations and features of a particular car. From the basic and generic equipment and car amenities, additional trim levels may be given to potential car-buyers to cater to their different needs. Typical in most cars of today, several car models are released with different trims or trim levels. The “base trim” is considered the standard trim with standard features and amenities. But as the trim level goes up, more features may be added or existing amenities may be upgraded. Cars on the base trim may come with standard wheels and wheel covers but other luxury models may be released with alloy wheels for example. In terms of car transmission, base models may be equipped with manual gear boxes while top-of-the-line models may be given automatic transmission systems. In most instances, cars on the premium package have leather seats as compared to base models with standard seats and covers. Higher trim levels also feature bigger engines with higher HPs when compared with the base trim.

In the case of BMW, the premium package represents the highest trim level for a particular car model in the 3 Series. In the US car market for example, premium package includes different wheels than that of the BMW sports package, power seats, moonroof, and lumbar support for some models, auto-dimming features for the rear – view mirror, wipers with rain sensors, and a multi-function steering wheel. BMW’s premium package is only one option when choosing the cars features and amenities. Other options for buyers include the Sport package, Performance package, and Cold Weather package.

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