What Is BMI?

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What Is BMI?
The BMI or the Body Mass Index is usually computed by dividing the weight over the square of the height. This is not to measure the amount of body fat. This system was introduced back in the 1830’s in order to find out the proportionality of the weight and the height. Now, despite the fact that this is not really to measure body fat, the system has become more popular as it is a way of determining whether an individual is of the right weight. It will also determine whether someone is undernourished or considered obese.

After computing for the results of the BMI, there might be different conclusions that can be made. For those who get a BMI of 20 to 25, it means that they are of optimal weight. Those who are lower than 20 are already considered underweight; and those beyond 25 are already overweight. There are also several reasons for the changes in BMI. Some people who are suffering from a serious disease might really suffer and have a low BMI. They are not just underweight for any reasons. Age can also be another factor affecting the results. However, if the BMI results show that a person is beyond 30, it is really something alarming. It means that there is a serious obesity problem that has to be addressed to. If it reaches 40, it is considered morbidly obese.

Now, even if BMI is used to make conclusions regarding the condition of a person, it does not necessarily have to be perfect. It also has limitations. The very fact that it only computes for the weight and height, it means that it is not accurate. There is no computation available for body mass, fat tissues, and other factors that can affect the result. However, many people have relied on the results produced by BMI though the years.

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