What is BMC Remedy?

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What is BMC Remedy?
BMC Remedy is a software suite designed for a more efficient IT service management. This software suite is known to provide easy and efficient automation of IT-related functions resulting to a highly effective service management process. BMC Remedy’s ITSM suite contains four applications that are touted as the industry’s best and leaders. These four applications are BMC Remedy Service Desk, BMC Remedy Asset Management, BMC Service Level Management, and BMC Remedy Change Management.

In terms of service desk management, the BMC Remedy suite is said to provide a highly improved restoration time, cutting “mean-time-to-repair” by as much as 30%. This part of the suite also offers a very simple user interface, enabling users to address problems easier and faster. And with full integration of all applications and automation of all service desk processes, the BMC Remedy Service Desk really helps improve efficiency on all business processes.

BMC Remedy Asset Management solutions meanwhile helps users improve the quality of service and maintain compliance while lowering IT costs from acquisition to asset disposal. It also has specific versions for bigger enterprises and midsized businesses to cater to their individual needs. BMC Remedy Service Level Management on the other hand can help businesses in terms of being able to satisfy customers with what they need out of this product suite. Through efficient tracking and measurement of IT-related service levels, user concerns will be better addressed.

With the overall functionality offered by BMC Remedy ITSM suite, businesses will be able to reduce disruptions by means of a more efficient means of addressing IT or infrastructure-related concerns, with an automated way of identifying which incidents create a bigger impact on the business. Through asset management features and automated management of service requests, businesses will be able to lower IT support spending. Not to mention that the BMC Remedy suite is very easy to implement adding to increased business efficiency.

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