What is BLTWY?

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What is BLTWY?
BLTWY is a website on political issues with some sort of celebrity twist. This site is developed by a partnership between MSN and Bermanbraun. Though serious issues on the political arena are covered on this particular website, popular figures in politics are covered in such a way that their personalities and celebrity status are highlighted on various news bits and articles. Many personalities in the world of politics nowadays sort of “crossed over” to the entertainment side of things which signaled a shift of traditional pop culture. Today, some personalities in the government become so popular that they become trending topics on various internet search sites like Google and Yahoo. This idea of sensationalizing the personalities behind American and world politics is the basically the main concept of the BLTWY website.

The term “BLTWY” actually refers to “beltway” which literally refers to a circumferential road named Capital Beltway that circles the US capital city, Washington D.C. The term “beltway” or the phrase “inside the beltway” became known as a reference to the center of political activities in the US capital.

It is said that the BLTWY website is a spin-off, extension or inspired by another website called “Wonderwall”, also a collaborative effort between MSN and Bermanbraun. Wonderwall features news and articles on celebrities with many articles relating to the entertainment industry. With inspiration from traditional celebrity stories, viewers of the BLTWY website can also browse through articles on the lives of famous political figures. Besides stories on their actual duties as servants of the people, politicians are also featured in terms of what they do for leisure, where they go on vacations, where they shop, and what they wear on non-political events among other stories. The site also features several poll questions so viewers can vote and make comments on a particular feature or story.

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