What is Bliss?

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What is Bliss?
Bliss refers to a state of being extremely happy or joyful. It pertains to a feeling of elevated happiness, gladness, and even thankfulness. And as many people would agree, it is some kind of feeling that everybody would want to have.

For the religious and prayerful, bliss is something that refers to pure and authentic feeling of joy. When a person is said to have received many blessings in life and is very thankful for his/her circumstances, then he/she is said to be living a life of “bliss”. Some even refer to bliss as the supposed feeling of joy when a person goes to heaven. And it is in this context that many people are motivated to do good things and align their lives with the teachings of the Bible and/or the church. For these people, true happiness or bliss can only be achieved if one surrenders his whole life to God and accept whatever blessings or trials are encountered in going through life in general. Acceptance of life’s ups and downs and total surrender to the Creator is considered to be the only way to achieve internal peace and joy and ultimately total bliss.

But aside from the religious context of extreme happiness or bliss, everyday situations may also be regarded as “blissful”. For some people, getting married leads the involved couple into bliss or into a blissful life together. It is said that happiness and joy is taken to a different level when a couple decides to get married and live together. Having a partner to live the rest of your life with is considered by some as one of the most joyful experiences in life.

There are also some people who values giving birth to a child as the happiest and most blissful moment in life. Since not all couples are rewarded with the gift of a child, being able to have one is considered the best gift that one can ever receive. A child represents another life and so it also represents an extreme form of happiness added to the world. Having a child is said to promote and cause inner joy and happiness which is synonymous with a blissful feeling.

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