What is Blairism?

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What is Blairism?

Blairism refers to the political ideology that supports former British Labour party and Prime Minister Tony Blair’s political views. People who advocate Blairism are called Blairites. Tony Blair left his prime minister post in 2007.
Meanwhile, Gordon Brown supporters are known to support ‘Brownism’, although the difference between the two ideologies are said to be more tribal than ideological. The main difference between the two ideologies is that Blairism seems to take a more right-wing approach on political issues, as opposed to Brownism’s approach that tends to lean more to the left. Blairism and Brownism are similar in its stand in Iraq and its stand on public sector reform.
Some Blairisms include The Third Way ideology or also called centrism, which supports a marriage of capitalism and socialism. Another Blairism is the support for stronger police authority, as well as support for the government of former United States president George W. Bush.
The UK public has long been known to add the suffix ‘“ism in politics. Other examples are ‘Thatcherism’ and ‘Majorism’, which refers to former PM Margaret Thatcher’s political ideologies and the political policies of the currently sitting PM, respectively.

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