What is Bitstrips?

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Bitstrips refer to a popular app for Iphones and Android phones that can be used to post customized and/or personalized comic strips on social networking sites such as Facebook and Tumblr for example.  Since 2013, many people’s accounts or walls on their favorite social networking site are flooded with comic strips that resemble the actual life of their friends.  The animation on Bitstrips also appears to be life-like because the comic versions are based on the actual photos of those who use it.

Bitstrips have become very popular that it is considered one of the most downloaded apps in Apple’s App Store and Google Play.  The comic strips have become a huge hit with social networking site members because they can choose from a variety of templates that may relate to their lives.  Comic strip templates are also updated with new ones every day and so people can basically choose different scenes and customize them with their own images and text or conversations. The idea of posting a cartoonized image is already very appealing and fun for most users of Bitstrips, let alone it also allows friend invitations to become part of the comic strip scenes. This specific functionality made Bitstrips a huge hit because multiple people and friends may be part of a single comic strip post.  With this social aspect the personalization of the comic strips, more and more people have become addicted to this app since its launch.

The use of the Bitstrips app basically encourages creativity and fun among social networking users and addicts.  Communication with other people can be made funny and unique using the appropriate comic strip or scene for a special occasion or specific situation.  Some people also like to post about how they are feeling through cartoonized versions of themselves.  Greeting other friends on their birthdays for example can be made special, funny, and unique through Bitstrips.

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