What is bitlocker?

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Every windows or operating system contains some feature that protects the computer from facing any malfunction or virus attack. Bitlocker is one such security feature. It is found in windows vista with the function of protecting the files of the computer in the case when someone tries to tampers with the start up function of the computer. It turns out to be very useful in the case when your computer has been stolen and you are afraid that your files will be viewed by others. Bitlockers are special drives that can be encrypted with a range of 128 bit or 256 bit of encryption. This is a very strong encryption that can help your files to stay safe in case of theft or any other such incident.


Other than protecting your files to be viewed by others, bitlocker also helps to protect your data if some malicious user tries to send some bug or virus from other operating system. Bitlocker encryption consists of three building blocks that include transparent operation mode, user authentication mode, and USB key mode. The evolution of such devices and software has eliminated the risk of facing the viruses and bugs which use to cause many serious problems with the customers, putting the user in difficulty. But now many encryption methods and codes are available that can keep your personal data save from the people who you don’t want to share your data or files with. As mentioned earlier, bitlocker is available in windows vista but a rising trend if using bitlocker has been seen in recent years. It does not have lengthy procedures of functioning. It is very simple and easy to use, and it is a very useful encryption method to save your data and personal files from leaking out.

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