What is Birchbox?

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Birchbox is the leading name in the discovery commerce industry. It offers monthly subscription services to its female customers from across the globe. The company behind Birchbox holds its headquarters in New York, USA but also caters to customers in UK and France among others. Birchbox offers its customers various samples of the latest branded and upcoming beauty and lifestyle products with the option to buy the full-sized or retail version of their choice product.

The basic concept of Birchbox’ discovery commerce platform involves letting its customers learn about featured products, discover new items, and possibly maximize their use. Through these experiences, female customers will then have the power to choose which product they want to buy. With a Birchbox subscription, female customers will be literally receiving a box of products every month. About four to five sample products will be given for testing. These products may include make-up, fragrances, and perfume collections among many other beauty and lifestyle items. with this sampling technique, female subscribers of Birchbox will have an actual test on each product they get. Any product they like, they can also purchase them online. The best thing about Birchbox is that it offers some kind of loyalty discounts to its subscribers. The more products are tested and bought, the more discount points will be given to a particular subscriber.

The success of Birchbox has also led to the service being offered to male customers. The market for men is called Birchbox Man and product offerings include grooming products, perfume, and even accessories like dress socks and electronic gadgets. Aside from the sample products, subscribers will also get support in terms of product information through magazines, guides, and articles. Videos relating to various products may also be viewed for better understanding of featured items. With these tools, subscribers will basically have the right information on various products before they make any purchase online.

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