What is bipolar 2?

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Bipolar 2 is a disorder is a mental illness similar to bipolar 1 disorder wherein a patient suffers from mood swings ranging from high and low.

The “up” mood in bipolar 2 however does not arrive at a full blow mania. The “up” mood in bipolar 2 only reaches hypomania or hypomanic episodes.

Patients suffering from bipolar 2 disorder has experienced at least a single hypomanic event in her or his life. Those with bipolar 2, usually, experience moments of depression.

Patients with bipolar 2 who experience depression and hypomania are still able to lead normal lives in between hypomanic events and depression.

Practically anyone can develop this mental disorder. In the United States, about 2.5 percent or 6 million individuals have some form of bipolar disorder.

The symptoms of bipolar often show when individuals are in their teens or early 20s. Most of those who suffer from bipolar 2 disorder acquire the disorder before they reach the age of 50. Those with family members who are diagnosed with bipolar disease are at higher risk of developing the same mental illness.

Symptoms of bipolar 2 disorder

A patient who is suffering from a hypomaniac episode will feel the “up” mood which can come in the feeling of euphoria or irritability.

Those who are suffering from a hypomanic episode experience the flying of their ideas—from one idea to another one. They can also feel pressured and speak loudly. Hypomanic episodes will also let the patient experience increased and energy, hyperactivity and less need for sleep.

Patients who suffer from hypomanic episodes are fun to be with since they are lively and humorous. They also take a genuine interest in the activities of other individuals.

But hypomania may result in an unhealthy as well as erratic behavior which can affect the ability of a person to accomplish tasks.

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