What is Biodiversity?

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What is Biodiversity?
When we say biodiversity, it actually refers to the genetic make up of the varied species living in a certain community. It allows everyone to live together and make use of each other, either positively or ‘selfishly’. To make things simpler, biodiversity allows life to strive and continue. Without biodiversity, one will definitely not survive.

Just imagine human beings living in an environment where there are only human beings. There are no plants or animals. Do you think human beings will survive? Definitely not! The oxygen given off by plants are essential for man to survive. The animals that serve as food to human beings are also important.

Another example would be the organisms living in the ocean. It is called biodiversity since they live together and with the help of each other, they survive. Some organisms act as a home for another organism to be safe. Some other organisms are prey for the larger ones. This might really be sad for some, but this is basically how it works.

Now, more than simply knowing the definition of biodiversity, it is more important to know the ways on how to maintain it. There should be balance in the ecosystem. Everyone has to benefit in order to survive. For instance only human beings benefit in biodiversity, the rest will not survive. Eventually, human beings will die too. Thus, everyone has to make a constant effort in order to keep things in order.

This is also the reason why most people would say that even bacteria have a role to play in biodiversity. Each one is important and everyone will definitely help each other for life to strive. Thus, as we see it now, there are some species that become extinct. They fail to survive in the present biodiversity. There are also endangered ones as they are no longer safe with the current situation. Biodiversity is eesential and everyone has to work for its balance.

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