What is Binge Drinking?

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What is Binge Drinking?
Binge drinking in the US is when a person consumes five drinks for males and four drinks for females (or more) alcoholic drinks in a row over a short period of time, typically two hours. Binge drinking in the UK is when a person drinks twice more than the daily limit, which is eight units for males and six units for females. Previously, binge drinking was classified as heavy drinking of alcohol over a period of days, but more recent definitions have narrowed it down to a few hours’ consumption of alcohol.

Many countries consider binge drinking a serious national health issue, including Australia, the UK and some parts of the USA. Binge drinking can cause alcohol poisoning and cause road accidents, among other immediate concerns. Many victims have been known to die from alcohol poisoning, passing out from the alcohol then choking on their own vomit. Another short term concern is the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases, because of wanton sexual acts fueled by alcohol. More long term affects of binge drinking include the increased risk of alcohol dependency, liver disease, heart disease and brain damage.

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