What is Bikini Wax?

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What is Bikini Wax?
Bikini wax is also known as Brazilian bikini wax. Bikini wax is often scheduled during a preparation for a honeymoon, or during summer when women plan to wear bikini. Typically, bikini waxing is done at a spa, salon, or other parlors offering personalized services. The purpose of waxing is to remove the excessive pubic hair in the bikini line.

A warm wax is applied on the area where there is excessive growth of pubic hair. After the application of warm wax, strips of cloth are put on top of the wax. As the wax cools down, it hardens and the female technician will pull the cloth off the client’s skin in which the pubic hair comes off with the cloth and hardened wax. Typically, there will be some pubic hair left on the upper part of the vagina. The waxing usually leaves a triangle or heart-shaped thatch of hair.

Now, the woman will be ready to wear a summer bikini. Bikini waxing makes a woman feel sexier. This will ensure that a woman will be more confident wearing sexy bikinis. Imagine a woman wearing her bikinis with pubic hair peeking out. That would be considered as unsightly. Men confess that they like it better when women have no pubic hair. Men feel that women with nearly no pubic hair look fresher and cleaner. Moreover, it makes them feel more erotic and feel oral sex more enjoyable.

Although the result would be very satisfying, bikini waxing may be uncomfortable for a woman. As the hardened wax and strips of cloth is pulled off, a woman may feel pain. Bikini wax is not a permanent solution for pubic hair removal. In addition, the growing pubic hair may feel itchy and will force a woman to continue waxing.

Waxing is considered safe but is not recommended for those who are under medications of acne. Medications such as tretinoin or isotretinoin make the skin sensitive and therefore waxing is not recommended for those who use such medicines. Moreover, if a woman has sunburned skin bikini waxing is also not recommended.
Women having their first bikini wax session may feel embarrassed. There are some women who are not comfortable to let others see their private part, especially the vagina. However, women must think that technicians are used to seeing different vaginas so they have nothing to worry about. Technicians are professionally trained so there is nothing to worry about having your first bikini wax session.

Bikini waxing was known to be already put into practice by women since 1500 AD. There was a documented letter written by Pero Vaz de Caminha. The letter is a document for the voyage of Pedro Alvarez Cabral to Brazil. The letter states that they see women with hairless private parts and it looked healthy and they felt no shame looking upon them.

Nowadays, more and more women are into bikini waxing. Generally, women can now do it all by themselves as many over-the-counter bikini wax products are available. Women of today do not need to go to salons, especially those who are not comfortable with their private parts being seen by others.

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