What Is Bijou?

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What Is Bijou?
Indeed, the porn industry is one of the most successful internet industries today. In fact, one of the companies that benefited from this success is the Bijou studios. The founder of this studio is Steven Toushin from New York. He has started out with a club and theater, which is intended for gay men. This is also for meet ups among gay men and to advance their sexual desires. Well, up to this point, the said bar is still open. However, Toushin has already successfully penetrated all other industries including bookstores and movie productions. Thus, as you see it now, there are many gay movies released by this company.

The success of Bijou studios is definitely surprising, and it has already surpassed many successful gay studios before. They have even bought a few of them and they are now part of the Bijou studios. In 1970, they released both gay and straight films. However, Bijou was just officially termed as such in 1978. By then, it was hailed as among the leading producers and distributors of pornographic films all throughout Chicago.

The most common theme of movies released by Bijou studios is explicit sexual activity between men. It has already produced movies showing different sex styles and positions. There were even some films intended for specific fetishes. However, just like any other porn film producer, Bijou studios have actually encountered many legal issues. There were many of the cases dropped, and some others prospered. They were also sued for different matters including obscenity and public exposure and scandals.

Well, just like other studios, these tests made them even better. Bijou Studios is still one of the leaders in gay porn industry. If you want to check out their products and movies, you can visit their site and you will find different themes of your choosing.

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