What is BHT?

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BHT stands for butylated hydroxytoluene which is used in different industries such as food, petroleum, and plastic. BHT antioxidant is a white crystallized molecule that can prevent rubber, plastic, and resin to oxidize. This substance is added to food in order to preserve its freshness, color, and smell. The main purpose of BHT in the food industry is to prevent foods that contain fat from spoiling. Aside from foods for human consumption, this is also added to animal feeds to preserve the taste and vitamin content.

A study has shown that BHT can prevent Newcastle disease when added to chicken feeds. Because of this, some theorized that this substance may also help prevent human viruses. Although there is still no evidence that it works, some use BHT for the treatment of simplex herpes.

An animal study suggests that this substance weakens blood clotting ability and leads to tumors when high doses are used for an extended period of time. However, other studies have shown that low doses of BHT have anti-carcinogenic properties, making it safe to be added to food. Some examples of food that contain this are dry cereals and potato flakes. It is also added to chewing gum for the retention of elastic properties.

Apart from its uses in the food industry, BHT is also added to brake fluids, hydraulic oils, and transmission fluids so they will not gum up. In addition, this substance is commonly used to stabilize oil used for leather treatment. BHT is also added to items that are made with polypropylene resin, in order to preserve its color and prevent it from turning brittle even when subjected to high temperatures during the manufacturing process. This substance produces the same effect when used in rubber and plastic products, such as food wraps and containers. BHT may come in the form of crystals or liquids mixed with oils.

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