What is Bhakut?

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In India a number of people follow astrology. A number of people believe that astrology can solve their financial, social, personal, and marital problems; therefore they always refer to astrology before making big decisions in their lives. One of the biggest decisions of life is marriage. People often refer to experienced astrologers to help them approach the best path possible as far as marriage is concerned. Astrologers take a look at the birth charts of the people who are to be married to each other and give their astrological advice accordingly.

There can be a number of problems or doshas in one’s fate, as per the birth charts. However, most of these doshas have a solution. One of the marital complications according to astrology is the Bhakut dosha. It is the second most feared dosha in astrology. When two people are to be married their birth charts are analyzed to find out how compatible the couple will be. It is a common practice in Indians, especially Hindus. If a couple has the Bhakut Dosha, they are most likely to have conjugal and marital problems. Some astrologers claim that the Bhakut Dosha can leave the couple childless. It may also be that children of the couple (if they have any) may not lead a happy life. This complication may create a number of other marriage related problems as well. Those who believe in astrology take special care to clear this dosha by conducting a puja to the Lords.

Astrological remedies along with charities, gemstones, and various pujas can help the couple live a normal life. This however, is a matter of belief. There are hundreds of couple with the Bhakut dosha and they are leading a completely normal life without undergoing marital problems. So those couples who are disheartened because of this dosha, must consult a good astrologer for sound advice. Almost all problems have a solution.

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