What is Bentyl?

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What is Bentyl?
Bentyl is a type of anticholinergic and antispasmodic drug with the generic name of dicyclomine. It is commonly used to treat irritable bowel syndrome and helps reduce cramping in the stomach and intestines which may due to colic or diverticulosis. It helps relieves symptoms by slowing the gut activity causing relaxation in the muscles of the intestinal and stomach areas.

Bentyl is taken orally through tablets, capsules, or syrups. Normal frequency of taking this drug is every four hours. But patients should always coordinate with their doctors for proper instructions on dosage and frequency. It is also advised to take this drug before meals. It is also important to note that certain antacids may reduce the effectiveness of this drug; so one must not take bentyl along with any antacid.

This drug may cause some serious side effects like impairing thinking and reaction processes. So extra care must be taken for persons who need to drive or perform tasks that require focus and mental efficiency. Dosage of this drug will also depend on the patient’s condition, his/her response to treatment and the age factor. Because of possible side effects, bentyl is contraindicated for infants that are 6 months old and below.

One must also take note in doing physically demanding activities and exercise. Bentyl decreases the activity of the sweat glands resulting to less sweat production and more internal heat building up in the body. Intense physical exercise may lead to a severe increase in body temperature or even heat stroke, so one must make sure not to be dehydrated and not to over-exercise.

Side effects of this drug may also include unusual behavioral changes, unusual thoughts, hallucinations, short-term memory loss, confusion, increased or irregular heartbeat, and less urine output. Some experts also say that bentyl may cause impotence among men. There are also a lot of medical conditions wherein bentyl is contraindicated. These conditions include esophagitis, hypertension, congestive heart failure, myasthenia gravis, prostatic enlargement, urinating difficulties, glaucoma, and severe ulcerative colitis.

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