What is belief system?

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A belief system is a set of principles, rules or values that guide people’s thoughts, actions and speech. Belief systems vary from one person to another and without them, people cannot function. Different cultures come up with a system of values that when applied, define how people in that culture conduct themselves. The understanding, acceptance or rejection of established principles and values is determined by an individual’s personal belief system.  Belief systems are not necessarily formalized into religion but they are often coherent and widespread within society or community.

Features of Belief Systems

Every belief system seeks to clarify something. Whether stated directly or indirectly, belief systems often define good or bad through the values identified. Belief systems tend to reflect what is most essential, which is the center of focus. Belief systems are shared and their ideals practiced by a group of people. Different belief systems, especially religious beliefs, are explained, actualized and taught through ritualistic ceremonies. Belief systems also tend to display a sense of personal commitment for those who subscribe to them. The life span of a belief system is usually longer than that of individual believers. Though some belief systems may seem to be similar, there are points of divergence in their fundamental ideals.

Difference between Religious and Secular Belief Systems

Religious beliefs often deal with the entire human life, including death. They transcend dimensions that involve more than just the human element. Religious beliefs uphold and recognize the existence of a supreme being. On the other hand, secular beliefs seek to explain certain elements of life as opposed to explaining the entire life. For instance, feminism elaborates equality of gender and capitalism clarifies economic grouping. Some secular belief systems such as Scientology and Wicca have ideas that are similar to old religious belief systems.

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