What is beef brisket?

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Beef brisket refers to the lower breast section part of beef meat.  Situated just below the fifth rib, the brisket part of beef is considered very tough and rigid due to the presence of collagen in this area.  This part of the beef is typically sold cheaper than most other parts because of its toughness. Beef brisket can be made tender though through a slow cooking process that helps the collagen and layers of fat melt along with the softening of the actual meat.  This part of the beef meat is considered very flavorful but need to be tenderized in order to be appreciated.

Fresh beef brisket can be found in two different cuts namely flat cut and point cut.  Both cuts are boneless and very tough that they need to be slow-cooked or tenderized.  Beef brisket in flat cut portions is typically leaner because of less fat.  Flat cuts are known to be tougher than its point cut counterpart.  Without the process of slow-cooking, flat cut beef brisket cannot be appreciated because it is also less flavorful when compared to the point cut portion.  The point cut of beef brisket typically includes more marbling because of the collagen and fat content.  This part is also said to be more flavorful and easier to tenderize using the slow cook process.

Slow cooking of beef brisket is almost always recommended to maximize this part of beef.  Slow cooking not only makes the brisket tender but it also melts and softens the fat and collagen portion.  The combined textures of meat, fat, and collagen makes beef brisket very flavorful and ideal for various beef-based dishes like pot roasts and stews or broths.  Many people also prefer to use beef brisket when making corned beef.  This is simply due to the marbling and different textures provided by the additional layer of fat and collagen.

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