What is BDD 2007?

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What is BDD 2007?

BDD 2007 or Business Desktop Deployment 2007 refers to a set of tools and guides which are specifically designed to help computer administrators deploy the Windows operating system to multiple desktops in a particular network. BDD 2007 is released by the Microsoft Corporation to help Windows users to upgrade to the newer Windows Vista version. BDD 2007 also aids in the deployment of the latest Office application version. With the BDD 2007, those who are still using Windows 2000 or Windows XP for example will get the necessary tools, guides, and info on the best practices when it comes to desktop deployment.

Along with BDD 2007, Microsoft also designed the Solution Accelerator to further improve and help people with their desktop deployment needs. BDD 2007 is said to include best practice methodology and results to a more cost-efficient software deployment system. BDD 2007 is also a result of Microsoft’s alliance with other leading players in the software deployment industry making it a great product for easy implementation.

Microsoft’s BDD is released in two methodologies namely Lite Touch and Zero Touch. Both versions include an automated installation kit, deployment services, compatibility toolkits, state migration toolkit, and a systems management server. The BDD Lite Touch version is said to be most beneficial to organizations that do not have a complete management infrastructure but is capable of doing a complete software deployment. Lite Touch also involves a very easy wizard setup guide to help users with deployment procedures. This version is referred to as “Lite Touch” because literally it involves less manual input when it comes to information collection before the deployment process starts. The Zero Touch version is considered the high-end version of implementation and is beneficial to larger companies and enterprises. This version involves complete automation, provides scalability, and results to a highly manageable deployment solution.

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