What is bcu.exe?

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What is bcu.exe?
BCU.exe is Browser Configuration Utility file from DeviceVM, Inc. This file is usually found under the Program Files folder on Drive C and is loaded during the computer boot up process. But this file is not a system file for Windows operating systems leading to some experts labeling the file as unnecessary and malicious.

Based on safety and technical security ratings, almost 50% comes out with a “Threat” label. Many experts also warn that bcu.exe can easily be infected by many Trojan files or viruses. Many malwares are able to duplicate the file and put it in several locations on a particular computer. The malware or infected bcu.exe is said to have the ability to monitor various applications running in the computer.

If computers are infected with the bcu.exe virus, many have reported that it automatically adds a search toolbar in browsers like Windows’ Internet Explorer. Many are also annoyed that this file may take so much memory causing slow-downs in other running applications. Various computer errors were also reported relating to this file. Typical errors include service denial errors wherein Windows itself could not startup properly because of a missing or corrupted bcu.exe file. Sometimes a particular application is not able to load properly because the bcu.exe file was not found.

Other than malware infection to the file, bcu.exe may also be corrupted and cause errors when there are compatibility issues with certain applications running and sharing the same file. Errors may also occur on the file during incorrect installation and removal of a particular application or program and when there is actual damage to the hardware drivers.

For bcu.exe errors encountered, one must immediately fix the problem and scan his/her computers for possible malware infection. If not able to remove the malicious file on his/her own, consultation with expert technicians is highly recommended.

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