What is BCC?

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What is BCC?

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy and is used in email messaging.  It is a copy of the email you’re sending to a recipient whose email address is hidden from the message. In contrast, email addresses of recipients added in the “TO” and “CC” columns are reflected on the email message.

In email messaging, the “TO” field is for email addresses of the primary recipients of the email, while the “CC” field is intended for secondary recipients.  Secondary recipients could be persons you intend to receive your message, but may or may not be expected to give a response.  “BCC” meanwhile is usually used if you don’t want the recipients on the ‘TO’ and ‘CC’ fields to know that your email message was also sent to other recipients.

Another use for the BCC field is for emails sent to a long list of email addresses.  For aesthetic reasons, some do not like to see the whole email page flooded with too many email addresses.  Some even think it’s a waste of time to scroll further down to see the actual message itself.  Others also may have privacy issues on their email accounts and they don’t want everybody to have access to their personal email addresses.  For example, one company may be corresponding with another and they just want to exchange business-related information and not relay personal information of employees.

BCC also prevents unnecessary and/or unwanted communication between parties.  Having access to a whole list of email addresses may lead to unwanted email marketing.  People nowadays certainly do not want to be bombarded with junk emails.  Not only are they unnecessary and irrelevant, it also affects productivity in the workplace because one has to go through his/her inbox regularly to delete unwanted messages.  The BCC feature could also help stop internet solicitations and even cyber stalking.

Email features like BCC may be very basic and simple.  But if put to good use, one’s intentions is protected and no unwanted scenarios will be encountered.

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