What is bbycks?

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BBYCKS is an urban term for “babycakes”, a popular brand of clothing that can be bought mostly online.  Back in 2006, the company behind Babycakes clothing is formed by a man named Paul Griffiths of the Unite Kingdom.  The design concept of bbycks or babycakes clothing involves simple lines and simple shapes but with very colorful details.  Many of the designs are said to pop out because of the vibrance of the colors used in each piece of clothing for example.

The simple yet colorful design produced by Babycakes clothing or BBYCKS became a hit with young people who are regularly looking for something new and cool to wear.  Teenagers for example always want to be part of the popular crowd or at least have the latest and popular clothes. With BBYCKS clothing’s unique and colorful designs, the online retailer has become very popular in recent years across the UK.  Many people from other countries also joined in the craze by ordering their own so-called babycakes designs over the internet.  The popularity of the BBYCKS online store have soared since its debut in 2006 and this has led the company to also launch many stores in the city of Manchester and the rest of the UK.

BBYCKS have also become a very popular urban term because of the clothing line’s success among the young people not only in the UK but also in many parts of the world.  Many young people consider BBYCKS clothing as the coolest thing in the world today. The terms “babycakes” or “bbycks” have become common urban lingos when talking about the colorful designs of the clothing brand.  Some people would exclaim that they “like to wear babycakes” obviously referring to their preference in terms of clothing line or brand.  Despite some critics of the seemingly simple designs, Babycakes clothing still remains to be very popular among young people especially those that belong to the so-called online or social-networking generation.

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