What is BBM?

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What is BBM?
BBM is the abbreviation of Blackberry Messenger Services. This messenger application is instantaneous. All the modern blackberry devices hit the market with this preloaded application. The credit for its development goes to the Canadian Company RIM, Research in Motion.

They released it on October 2010 .It enables messages to be sent through the blackberry server. These messages in turn are passed through the Blackberry PIN system. It utilizes the PIN code for communication. Every blackberry device is assigned a unique PIN which is an 8 digit alpha numeric sequence. It facilitates communication between two Blackberry devices only. The BBM service helps you to see whether the message has been delivered and when .It also notifies you when the recipient reads the message. Black berry Messenger users can send pictures, smiles, voice notes, files, location on a map etc. Messages are sent over the server of blackberry so a blackberry network plan is unavoidable. The greatest advantage of the Black Berry messenger is that even the international messages which you sent are free from the costs of regular text messaging. It does not have any length specifications for the message. So the message can be written in detail. It enables photo and video sharing at a time to any number of contacts. Bar code scanning is a key feature. This makes adding of contacts quite easy .You can even reveal the music that is playing on your smart phone. Blackberry Enterprise Server abbreviated as BES offers no privacy as everything goes through the server. BBM also allows you to select a display picture. Message delivery is faster in BBM. It helps you to send music files. The disadvantage of the BBM is that it can be used only to chat with a friend who has a Blackberry device. Blackberry is one of the growing markets in the world in terms of subscriber additions.

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