What is Baseball: From History to the Basics

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Getting To Know Baseball: From History to the Basics

We can always see this sport on TV’s, taught in schools, we even take our girlfriends to a date just only to watch this sport (although they doesn’t seem to be interested). Some names were even built by this sport like Albert Pujols, Nolan Ryan, Ozzie Smith, Ricky Henderson, Frank Robinson and more. If you’re not familiar with those names, you’re not a fan of baseball.

If the only thing you knew about this game is just hitting a ball with a bat, then you don’t know baseball at all.

Baseball comes from different origins; many countries claimed that it originated from them but those controversies has been subject for debate. Some say it originated from England, Scotland, UK, who knows?
But one name emerged as a myth to the creation of this spectacular game, Abner Doubleday. Although no document was published in reference to his name, it was just concluded by the Mills Commission that Albert Spalding founded. I’m sure you know Albert Spalding. He’s one the most famous American sporting goods entrepreneur.  Spalding’s early career was a star pitcher before he became a club executive.

The first published rules of baseball were documented in 1845 for Knickerbockers, a baseball club in New York. In which later made Shane Ryley Foster as the ‘father of modern baseball’. Those rules we’re named as ‘Knickerbocker rules’.

So, how did baseball became famous?

It was introduced by moving soldiers and prisoners during and after the American Civil War. Since then, baseball was officially a global game. Teams were formed as they call themselves professional baseball team. But if you make a comparison of today’s games, you might be looking at them as some kids playing baseball in an abandoned lot. They’re totally amateurs.

That’s it for the history, let’s get to the game.

Here are the basics on how to play the game.

  1. All teams are allowed to have 9 members, but not all of them go to the field at the same time.
  2. In a professional game, there are 9 innings in a baseball game. Younger levels have six. Those teams have to score as many runs as possible in three outs.
  3. The team that plays the defense (the team who pitches), must do what it takes for the offensive team not to gain a score.
  4. Keep your focus to the ball. It is totally important either which side you’re on.
  5. Be familiar with the infield. The infield is shaped like diamond with 4 plates.
  6. You MUST know the rules. You can’t play a game without following a rule
  7. Know to appeal a call. Some calls are made if the opposing teams find faults or some players failed to do some tasks.
  8. Wear the right equipment. You better wear it or else you’ll be sorry.

Some of those rules will be taught by your coach, or just check the internet and be resourceful.

Now that you’ve learned some basics of it, you’re now ready to throw, hit that ball, and run like hell.

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