What is baking powder?

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Baking powder is an ingredient used to make cookies, muffins, cakes and biscuits. The baking powder when added with water reacts and produces carbon dioxide.

There are two kinds of baking powder—single acting and double acting. Single acting baking powder when mixed with water will produce all bubbles. On the other hand, those who use double acting baking powder will notice that it only produces bubbles when it is warmed or when heated.

Baking powder versus baking soda

It is common among people to confuse baking powder and baking soda. There is food or baked goodies that need baking soda instead of baking powder. In most cases, the recipes that require liquid acid such as yogurt or liquid acid uses baking soda since it reacts and thereby produces bubbles.

Baking powder is also used as a substitute for yeast since it takes long to bake goodies using yeast; about two to three hours long for yeast to produce some bubbles. Baking powder, on the other hand, is like an instant ingredient given that a baker can simply mix some ingredients and produce biscuits within 15 minutes.

Making baking powder

A person can also opt to make his or her baking powder since it is simple and easy to make. All it takes is baking sodas that is roughly around one teaspoon and add it with cream of tartar, around two teaspoons.

When added together, these two can produce roughly baking powder of about one tablespoon.

Those who make their baking powder should make sure to use the baking powder immediately rather than making batches in advance for future use.

Bakers should also keep in mind that baking powder is a chemical agent, and as such it can lose its potency after a certain period. Baking soda should not be stored in warm temperature and should not be placed in a well-sealed container.

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