What is Baking Mix?

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Baking mix simply refers to a mix of various ingredients, wherein liquids such as oil, or other ingredients including eggs, are included to create baked goods. Some of these baked goods include brownies, biscuits, muffins, and cakes. The first types of baking mix were produced during the Industrial Revolution, and were used by people who have insufficient time to prepare food at home. The earliest ones are for making puddings and gelatin.

Soon enough, baking mix for muffins and biscuits were developed and offered to the public. Aside from the benefit that it can bring when it comes to saving time, a lot of people preferred this because it is more likely that the end-product will turn out nice just by measuring the ingredients accurately. Some types of baking mix require various additional ingredients, while others even have powdered eggs incorporated. These types of baking mix require only very few additional ingredients, such as cups of water or milk.

The main objective of using baking mix is to create home-baked goods more conveniently. Nowadays, bakers are able to work less by selling products such as cookie doughs, which can easily be placed on baking pans or pie shells. The common things that different modern baking mixes have are the stabilizers that are used to yield uniform results. When people bake from scratch, even little differences when it comes to the ingredients may lead to unpredictable outcomes. The stabilizers incorporated in different forms of baking mix can make biscuits crunchy and make cakes or muffins have moist textures.

Conversely, there are other baking mix types which do not contain ingredients that are overly processed. Some of these mixes are offered in stores selling specialty and natural foods, and some are even composed of organic materials, are free of gluten, and some are made for vegans or vegetarians.

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