What is Baileys?

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What is Baileys?
Baileys is short for Baileys Irish Cream, an Irish whiskey made from combining Irish spirits with cocoa, some sugar, and cream. In fact, half of its ingredient is composed of cream and the whiskey involved underwent a triple process of distillation. Since it was first made available in 1974, Baileys has become the most popular Irish cream in all parts of the globe.

A company called “Gilbeys of Ireland” is the official manufacturer of Baileys. It was said that the company started planning and conceptualizing a liquor and/or drink that could be marketed internationally. It took the company about 3 years from 1971 to finally come up with a product that features the best of Irish drinks and whiskeys. And finally in 1974, Baileys was born and was introduced as the first ever brand of Irish cream. The manufacturer of Bailey’s guarantee that all the milk used in every Baileys bottle comes from cows that are bred in Ireland. So, whether somebody gets to drink a Baileys bottle in the US or Australia for example, he/she will only be drinking authentic milk cream from the cows in Ireland.

It is said that Baileys was the first to be successful in combining milk cream, cocoa, coffee, honey, and alcohol to a liquor mixture that is stable enough to be produced for commercial purposes. All cream in Bailey’s bottles only comes from the milk of cows that are bred in Ireland. The whiskey meanwhile is sourced from fermenting whey.

Aside from the original flavor, Baileys also come in caramel, mint chocolate, and hazelnut flavors. This popular Irish cream whiskey may be drunk on its own or mixed with other drinks. Some people also use Baileys as a substitute to cream or sugar for coffee. Because of this specific use in coffee drinks, the brand name ‘Baileys’ is also now used in coffee creamers made by the same company producing the whiskeys.

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