What is bacon?

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Bacon refers to meat strips taken from pigs. These strips are usually cured and are taken from the belly, sides, or back portion of pigs. Most people know bacon as thin strips of pork meat with lots of marbling secondary to the layers of muscle and fat tissue. In most cases, this particular meat product is cured with salt for preservation and seasoning. When the bacon meat is cured with pure salt only, it is often referred to as standard or generic bacon preparation. As with other meat products, the best bacon are sourced from the freshest of pork meat. Many seasoned cooks and experts prefer bacon strips that are sourced from pig meat within 24 hours of butchering.

Bacon preparation typically comes as part of the butchering process of pig or pork meat. Various parts of the pig are cut at different sections for different meal preparations. Different parts of the pig have also different textures and levels of softness and marbling. As for bacon, the basic requirement is meat that is very tender along with fat tissue to allow some marbling in the strips. These meat strips are cut from big slabs of the pork belly or the sides and back of the pig. From thick slabs, thin slices or strips will then be made to form the famous bacon strips that people know about.

Standard bacon preparation requires only salt as preservative and seasoning. For different flavor preferences, other herbs and spices may be added during the curing process of this meat product. Some people prefer using honey during the curing process and this will result to a sweetened taste of bacon. Other people meanwhile add their own favorite spice like pepper, garlic, and others to give the bacon strips a new flavor when cooked. There are also cases wherein the bacon strips undergo a smoking process to give out a distinct flavor.

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