What is B-Dubs?

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B-Dubs is a moniker or nickname for Buffalo Wild Wings & Grill Bar, a popular restaurant in the US. Founded back in 1982, Buffalo Wild Wings got its “bdubs” moniker when people started to shorten the restaurant’s name and used “BWW”. “BWW” is literally pronounced as “B-double U” and this eventually led to the coining of the term “bdub” or “bdubs”. Fans of this popular restaurant call it by its popular moniker “bdubs”. Instead of having to say Buffalo Wild Wings & Grill Bar, people would just mention “Let’s go to bdubs” referring to the same restaurant.

B-Dubs or Buffalo Wild Wings & Grill Bar is popular for its sports bar atmosphere. Its main specialty is of course the Buffalo-style chicken wings along with a variety of sauces. The original owners of this restaurant were from Buffalo New York and wanted to find authentic Buffalo-style chicken wings in the Ohio area back in 1982. Unable to find restaurants that served Buffalo wings, James Disbrow and his friend Scott Lowery eventually decided to open up their new restaurant in the city of Columbus. From one restaurant opening to another, Buffalo Wild Wings or “B-Dubs” as the company would like to call itself, the famous buffalo-style cooking of chicken wings has spread to several branches and franchises across the US and Canada.

B-Dubs is the nickname that many people use referring to the popular restaurant with a sports theme. Many people would meet up at its more than 600 locations just to watch sports and have pleasure in terms of dining. B-Dubs is popular for its buffalo chicken wings and their wide array of sauces and dips like the classic sweet barbecue, honey barbecue, hot barbecue, spicy garlic, teriyaki, Caribbean Jerk, and Thai Curry among many others. This popular restaurant also offers special sauces that are made available at limited times only and these include flavors like Ghost Pepper, Salted Caramel, and Wicked Wasabi.

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