What is Ayoba?

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What is Ayoba?
Slang words are getting popular as the languages evolve. One example of a slang word that is getting more popular each day is the word ‘ayoba’. What is this ayoba all about? According to people who are familiar with the word, ayoba means a word of approval. It was believed to be derived from the South African slang ‘ayeye’ or ‘ayoyo.’

Ayoba is an expression of delight, appreciation, approval, agreement and excitement towards something. It is also used as a way of greeting people. The exact origins of the slang word ‘ayoba’ not known. Many believed that it came from the evolution of expressions. However, one thing is for sure, the word ‘ayoba’ is distinctively South African. Some say the word came out from the township’s culture of Johannesburg.

Generations have passed and the present one has exposed creativity in languages. It is very evident due to the conception of many slang words. Mostly, young people are fond of making or creating such slang words. Slang words pass through generations and many are yet to be created.

What does slang means? Slang is words that are considered to be out of standard. In simple words, slang pertains to non-formal words or simply words that are not included in the modern dictionaries. Studies show that slang is a result of people grouped in a society; these groups may be considered as subgroups.

Slang words may not be included in the standard dictionary but people do understand the meaning of each slang word. However, comprehension is mostly based on how the people in the subgroup created such words. People may notice that different subgroups have different slang words that only people from a particular group understand. Other subgroups may not understand the slang words from other subgroups.

Ayoba is part of the slang words originated from a subgroup in South Africa. Most people would not understand its meaning when first heard. However, as more people knew about the expression, it will become an ordinary expression to people. Later on, the expression will be known around the world as if the word is a universal expression, which everyone understands.

Today, many people are using the expression ‘Ayoba.’ It has become a popular word, where almost everyone can hear it from the television, radio shows and even on the streets. Actually, the late Lucky Dube, a reggae singer from South Africa was popular for shouting the word ‘ayoba.’ The word even gained more popularity after his death on October 18, 2007.

Today, everything that pertains to positive feelings may mean ‘ayoba.’ The expression has truly evolved into several meanings, which is actually meant to express approval or delight. Ayoba has been used to show a positive response towards something. When people say cool, OK, alright, sure, go, or any expression that show enthusiasm may mean ‘Ayoba.’
Ayoba is no more than just a word. Ayoba is a word that can be used to express different feelings. However, feelings expressed are particularly positive. You can use anyway you like it and for any meaning you may think of as long as you show enthusiasm towards another person.

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