What is Ayakashi about?

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Ayakashi is a popular TV series in Japan that features classic style animated horror stories.  The whole series is divided into multiple episodes that revolve around three main storylines.  Each of these storylines is actually independent of each other with different plots and characters involved. The basic common theme among these storylines of Ayakashi is that they are about Japanese horror stories in a classic anime style presentation.

The first 4 episodes of the Ayakashi television stories tell about the first horror story called “Yotsuya Ghost story”.  This part of the series was based on classic Japanese story about ghosts as written by popular writer Nanboku Tsuruya. In this 4-part episode, the writer becomes the narrator about a typical story of a ronin samurai and a beautiful woman who got married and had a child. This family lived in poverty which led to the samurai character to plan the killing of his own wife.  Upon learning this plot, the wife committed suicide and her spirit or ghost basically cursed all characters involved.  The second storyline is also spread into 4 episodes and was based on a classic Japanese play called Tenshu Monogotari.  This part tells of forbidden love between a normal human and a God.  The last 3 episodes complete the Ayakashi series and it is entitled Bake Neko.  The storyline of this last part is considered the highlight of the whole series with the scenes depicted as classic plays.

Ayakashi has become widely popular in Japan because it appealed to a wide variety of audiences.  The three different storylines spread across 11 episodes appeal generally to those who like classic horror stories and anime characters.  Teenagers who are also fond of love stories and romance can also be satisfied with many characters involved in romantic relationships in all three storylines.  The popularity of Ayakashi has even spread to US shores with DVDs released to American fans of the show.

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