What is axiology?

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Axiology is the study of value.  People are said to give different values to different things around them.  One thing may be highly valued for one person and it could be ignored and lowly regarded by another person.  Through axiology, the complexities involved in giving value to different things will be studied.

Through axiology, people can study the actual nature of value and its different types. The two main types of value are classified as ethics and aesthetics.  Ethics are values that relate to what is good or evil and what is right or wrong. This type of value is perceived through the way different people behave, react, or interact with other people.  A certain attitude for example may be viewed or value as being right but other people may have a different opinion of it. What makes people decide whether one deed is good and another is bad is often a result of experiences and comparisons with other situations and circumstances.

In the case of aesthetics, value is given to what is perceived to be beautiful, artistic, or harmonious in nature.  A particular object for example may be highly valued or aesthetic for one person but is looked down upon by another.  It may be that the value given to this particular object is a response to the influences of reality or it may be born out of a desire or passion.  Through axiology, the various mental processes and influences a person is exposed to are being studied in terms of the choices made with regards to valuing objects and various other things.  Assigning value to objects is said to vary with different people.  The process involves analyzing data and filtering details, and storing them with along with stored experiences.  Decisions and judgments will then be made differently and value is given to different objects. This is where Axiology comes in and the processes involved in making a decision or giving value to certain things are determined, specified, and studied.

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