What is Avid?

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Avid is the elective class which is offered to high school students in the preparation for a four-year college course. Students, who want to work hard for college eligibility, have good attendance, and satisfactory citizenship and GPA of at least 2.0 can take this elective class.

Avid elective class meets for five hours a week and is geared towards pushing the students to become more successful in all of their other subjects.

Avid classes

The five hours per week are divided into different parts such as tutorial days, motivational days and curriculum days.

Two days are allotted for curriculum days which cover AVID’s WICR methodologies that focus on reading, collaboration, writing, and inquiry. Curriculum days also teach students how to develop their note taking and study skills, goal setting and time management.

The class also meets for tutorial lessons for two days a week where students study English, math, science and social studies with tutors.

Motivational days provide career and college activities, field trips to nearby colleges and universities as well as having guest speakers from other colleges and professionals.


Avid is open for students from grades seven to 12 who want to work hard and are interested in pushing for more academic achievement.

Students must have good SBA scores, GPA of 2.0 to 3.5 in non-weighted classes, decent attendance record, and the desire to work on challenging courses which include honors classes and AP.

Avid gives priority to students who come from economically disadvantaged families as well as students who are the first in their family to make it likely to college.

Students who are interested in this elective class can get in touch with their teachers, guidance counselors or their school principal. Students must fill out an application form and eventually will be called for an interview.

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