What is Average IQ?

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What is Average IQ?
IQ or Intelligence Quotient refers to a score or a measure of a person’s intelligence. To get a person’s IQ, he/she must submit to some testing. There are various IQ tests available to determine a person’s score with regards to the general population. But in general terms, IQ scores have the midpoint at 100, meaning persons who get this score are said to be Normal or Average. Above 100 will indicate that a person may be above average or has better or superior intelligence, while below 100 scores are classified as below average. Even further below may indicate some form of mental problem or retardation. In this context, an average IQ refers to intelligence scores of about 100.

Since it is common for people to compare themselves with other people in terms of IQ, experts in psychological testing would like to stress that the scores only cover “academic” intelligence. Though scores are affected by age, genes, environment, lifestyle, culture, gender, and/or race, they do not represent the totality of a person’s abilities and skills. One person may have higher IQ than another, but that alone does not guarantee success in life.

Based on statistics, about half of the population are said to have “Average IQ”. 17% of people are classified either above or below the average level. 2.2% are considered very superior and intelligent and another 2.2% comprises those with possible mental problems.

In some books and studies, those with Average IQ typically have the following occupations: office clerks, sales personnel, policemen, shop attendants, electricians, welders, machine operators and telephone operators. Those with Above Average scores tend to be school teachers, nurses, or accountants. While having superior IQ levels means becoming doctors, lawyers, and engineers. Typical jobs of persons below the average include standard laborers, packers, sorters, gardeners, cooks, drivers, warehouse personnel and factory workers.

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