What is Avarice?

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What is Avarice?
Avarice refers to some form of excessive desire for material things or wealth. This term is commonly associated with the word “greed” and may not only refer to too much longing for materialism. In some definitions, avarice or greed may also mean an excessive desire for social status, pride, and power. In some religious books, avarice is considered a mortal or unpardonable type of sin and from which act, all grace from the Lord will be lost.

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Avarice is more than just wanting to possess material things but rather represents a very excessive and all-consuming feeling of want for money and other forms of wealth. The simple act of working hard and making the right choices in life could lead to material prosperity for some people. But this act is considered commendable and does not qualify as greed. Most, if not all, people in the world would wish to have at least decent living standards and many also strive hard to be able to afford some luxurious things. But when it comes to a point that the desire for wealth consumes the entire being of a person then it may be classified as excessive. This kind of attitude points to avarice or being greedy.

Greed or avarice is considered one of the “Seven Deadly Sins” as recorded on various religious teachings, including the Catholic Church. These deadly sins are also called as “Cardinal sins” and include greed, wrath, pride, lust, envy, sloth, and gluttony. And similar to gluttony and lust, avarice or greed is considered a “sin of excess”. Besides the excessive desire for wealth and money, avarice is also the term used for desire extremes involving power and social status. Those that desire too much influence in the society and those that overly long for high social status are considered to have committed the sin of avarice.

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