What is Auto Tune?

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What is Auto Tune?
Auto tune is music software utilized to edit and correct a recorded or live performance piece’s pitch. The software is not offered as a standalone program. Instead, auto tune is marketed as a plugin which can be optionally integrated to larger music editing software suite. Antares was the first to introduce the auto tune software in 1997 and has continued to be the principal in the field.

Auto tune was developed for the purpose of corrective editing. The idea came out from the fact that even the professional and most talented singers may at times miss a note, or commit mistakes when recording. The software is designed to identify incorrect note and automatically correct it. The result is a correct pitch of sound. Recording often take several takes to perfect a song. By using the auto tune software, the singer will not need to do retake of the song. Small mistakes can be automatically corrected by the software. The same goes for live performances, when singers get out of tune, the software adjusts the pitch so the audience will not hear raucous tunes.

Auto tune is a versatile software that is not only useful in correcting pitches. It can also be used in artistic purposes due to its power to manipulate pitch. Auto tune can push a song and a pitch beyond the standard voice of human. The robotic sounds of voices you hear from some songs are result of auto tune software. The plugin is also useful in creating music with tremendous vocal fluctuations. The auto tune has opened new creative ways for the modern music era. Sound effects would be impossible if not for the development of the auto tune software.

Although, the auto tune software has introduced new creative ways in manipulating sounds in the music industry, it has not been free from several detractors. Detractors argue that the software can trick audience by covering up dull performances from not so talented artists. Moreover, critics claim that singers or artists will tend to be lazy as they will rely much on the use of the auto tune software.

Despite claims from detractors, there are still many people who support the use of auto tune. Supporters argue that the software was intended for positive purposes and should not be deemed as software that promotes laziness and covers up poor performances of artists with lesser talents. Instead of criticizing the software, supporters argue that people must focus on its positive functions.

The software is designed to be used in variety of ways. It depends on the creativity of the user. Moreover, detractors must acknowledge that auto tune has the ability to do things which are not possible with human voice. There has been a variety of creativities in music that has been introduced to the industry due to the use of auto tune. Several vocal tricks have been possibly integrated with songs and listeners are gladly embracing new trends in musicality. Presently, artists are divided when it comes to embracing the new technology. However, more artists are openly claiming that they are utilizing the auto tune software.

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