What is Augmentin?

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Augmentin is an anti-bacterial drug that contains two active ingredients namely amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium.  Amoxicillin is a known effective antibiotic and part of the penicillin group of drugs.  Clavulanate potassium meanwhile is effective against bacteria that show resistance to penicillin and other related drugs.  Augmentin is often prescribed for infections that have been caused by bacteria.

Typical of antibiotic treatment, taking Augmentin also requires the following of a specified dosage and schedule with doctors. Augmentin treatment may be prescribed for 10-14 days depending on the severity of bacterial infection.  As many doctors would emphasize, antibiotics like Augmentin need to be taken regularly and religiously for a specified period in order to be truly effective. Even if the symptoms have subsided for example, patients are still advised to take the drug for the whole duration of the prescribed treatment cycle.  For symptoms that have gotten worse after 14 days, patients need to have their condition checked again by their doctors as another stronger antibiotic may be needed.

Common infections like sinusitis, bronchitis, and urinary tract infections may be prescribed with Augmentin.  Serious cases of pneumonia and other conditions that are secondary to bacterial infection may respond well to Augmentin treatment.  Augmentin is available in tablet form with varying milligram doses.  There are also chewable and fast-acting varieties which are applicable to the different needs of patients.  Changing the dosage and/or the type of tablet of Augmentin must also be coordinated with doctors to ensure safety.  Augmentin is considered relatively safe for patients of all ages but special caution must be taken by those who are pregnant and those who have allergies to amoxicillin and related drugs.  There are also various cases of gastrointestinal symptoms after taking Augmentin.  For people who experience stomach upsets, they are usually advised to take Augmentin before any meal.

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