What is Attitude?

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What is Attitude?
Attitude refers to a person’s way of showing emotions depending on the way he/she feels or thinks. It may be influenced by personal experiences or other factors like a person’s surroundings, expectations from self and from others, and mindset.

There are three basic components that contribute to a person’s attitude. One is “cognitive component”. This pertains to what a person knows and what a person believes. The way a person acts or reacts to certain things are greatly influenced by his/her own knowledge and experience. The second component is called “effective component”. This involves situations that have an effect on a person’s life. The last component is the “behavioral component” and this relates to a person’s goals or intentions in doing his/her activities.

Though people may tend to have a mix of certain attitudes depending on the situation he/she is in. There are three common types of attitudes and ways a person may take life’s blessings and challenges. One such type is the “passive or spectator” attitude. Persons belonging to this group usually are laid back and take things as they come. These people like predictability and seldom deviate from accepted norms. So when a problem arises, like when something happens to disrupt normalcy, these people may not know how to handle the situation. The second type is “aggressive or negative” attitude. People of this type like to make comments about life’s situations. They tend to complain a lot and blame just about anybody or anything for own mistakes. They get frustrated easily when they don’t get what they want and they’re typically pessimistic about their future. The last type is the “positive active” type wherein life is accepted as it is, with all the challenges and trials included. These people usually like to take action even with risks involved. They are not afraid to fail and are willing to learn from every mistake. They simply embrace life and take on its challenges whole-heartedly.

Obviously, one would want to have some sort of balance in terms of dealing with life’s complexities. Every person’s aspirations at least should be geared towards positivism to find true happiness and contentment.

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