What is atropine?

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Atropine is a drug used for general anesthesia as a form of premedication or even during surgeries allowing the heart beat to go faster. Atropine works by preventing Acetylcholine from working. Acetylcholine is a chemical found in the body that can affect the contraction of muscles.

Atropine can also reverse the effects of poisons or even other drugs.

Atropine can produce many effects such as relief from spasms of the stomach and intestines, biliary tract and bladder. This drug can help in the control of some medical conditions like spastic bladder, infant colic, peptic ulcer, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome, among others.

This drug can be used for the treatments of tremor, excessive salivation, and rigidity. It is also utilized during heart surgeries for the maintenance of the heart’s proper function and treatment of some heart problems.

Side effects

Atropine can cause drowsiness, blurred vision and dizziness and as such person are highly advised to stay away from operating machineries, performing dangerous activities and driving when under the influence of atropine.

Users of this drug should take alcohol cautiously as alcohol intake with atropine can increase dizziness and drowsiness.

Atropine can cause heat stroke and patients taking this drug should avoid getting overheated under hot weather.

Atropine may also increase the risk of heat stroke because it causes less sweating for those who are taking it.

Those who have a kidney disease, glaucoma, myasthenia gravis blockage in intestines and urinary tract should refrain from taking this drug.

There are no conclusive studies or research about the effects of atropine during pregnancy. As with most drugs, it may or may not affect the baby in the womb. It is up to the doctor to weigh the risks of prescribing atropine for those who are pregnant.

Atropine may affect the production of breast milk and as such, it is best for lactating mothers to stay away from this drug.

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