What is Ativan?

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What is Ativan?
Ativan is a brand of anti-anxiety drug with the generic name of Lorazepam. As a substance, Ativan is nearly insoluble in water and appears in white powder form. It is part of the benzodiapine group of drugs which are considered very potent medications for persons with anxiety disorders, difficulty in sleeping, acute forms of seizures, and those that need sedation. Benzodiapine drugs are known to have five characteristic effects and these include anti-anxiety or anxiolytic, amnesic, sedative or hypnotic, muscle relaxant, and anti-seizure effects.

Ativan basically normalizes the imbalance of chemicals in the brain that causes symptoms related to anxiety. And it is common for people with anxiety disorders to also have insomnia or difficulty in sleeping. This is why Ativan is specifically formulated to address not only the main anxiety symptoms of a particular patient but also the associated symptoms that come with it. Ativan or lorazepam is a prescription-only drug and is available in 0.5 mg, 1 mg, and 2 mg tablets. Care must be taken by patients to strictly follow dosage and frequency as instructed by doctors.

Side effects of Ativan include hyperactivity, agitation, hostility, confusion, depression, hallucinations, drowsiness, and light-headedness among others. Others may even have suicidal tendencies when under Ativan medication. This type of drug is also contra-indicated for use by pregnant women as it may cause some birth defects on the unborn child. It is also advised by doctors not to take any form of alcohol while under Ativan medication as alcohol may enhance the amnesic and sedative effects of this drug. The worst thing about this drug is that Ativan is an “addictive” type of drug and that it is habit-forming. And so this anti-anxiety drug must be taken only under direct supervision by a licensed physician. Dosage and frequency of taking this drug must be strictly adhered too and any form of side effects must me reported to doctors immediately.

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  1. about ativan

    August 23, 2011 3:19 am

    Ativan has a troublesome history of abuse and ignorance associated with it. People expecting some magical pill to solve all their problems on a daily basis, following the advise of a doctor rather than there own body. I lead a stressful life and sometimes there’s no amount of relaxing watching movies etc to get my body to calm down. I always want to get up and run workout etc. If used properly it’s a lifesaving medication for me, losing my hair from stress Gilberts syndrome etc finally I am able to enjoy my life again enjoy movies etc. Used properly it’s a tool I wish to have at my touch at all times available. Responsibility and moderation to all.


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