What is atheism?

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Atheism is the belief or perception that Gods or deities do not exist in the universe.  In simple terms, atheism is the belief that there is literally no god.  The term “atheism” is derived from two root words namely “a” and “theos”.  “A” denotes absence or “no”, while “theos” means “god” or “deity”.  With these root words, one can say that “theism” means believing in a god, while “atheism” is the absence of this belief.

The idea of atheism is said to have started back in the 18th century.  Many people back then were already sceptic of various religious beliefs and writings about the presence of a divine being or a god.   Various arguments are presented by self-proclaimed atheists in terms of why they believe that no god actually exists in the world.  Some argue about God’s non-existence based on the lack of available scientific or empirical proof.  For this group of atheists, the lack of empirical data basically led them to believe that there is no god.  Despite various religious articles written since the beginning of time, these atheists are convinced that no divine or supernatural being exists at all.  Some arguments that favor atheism also revolve around the idea of contrasting revelations and writings among different religious groups.  Christians for example see Jesus Christ as the true god and savior of the world, while other groups such as the Muslims and Jews do not believe so.  With these supposed inconsistencies among existing religions, many atheists have come to the argument that there is actually no god at all.

The presence of evil in the world also made some people believe that there is no god.  The presence of deity or god is supposedly associated with salvation, love, and healing among others and with the continued violence and problems in the world, many people would argue that things are not supposed to be this way when there is a god.

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