What is Asperger’s?

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Asperger’s refers to a syndrome or a developmental disorder that is considered a type of autism.  People with Asperger’s syndrome are said to have no or delayed skills in terms of social communications and interactions.  Unlike traditional autism as many people are familiar about, those with Asperger’s syndrome are typically better off in terms of intelligence and language skills. The most basic problem with having Asperger’s syndrome is the delay in development in the social environment.

Children that are diagnosed to have Asperger’s syndrome are said to be very prone to bullying.  This is mainly because these children are not able to understand social cues or are not able to communicate effectively with other people. People with this disorder may not be able to stay in a conversation or completely understand what the other kids are saying. With this concern, some other kids may get frustrated with the one who has Asperger’s syndrome.  Some other kids will also take advantage of the person’s cluelessness and bully them with their difficulties in communicating.  Aside from the social issues, people with Asperger’s syndrome may also demonstrate odd or repetitive behavior.  Adults may often talk very loudly without knowing that they are increasingly annoying the people they are talking to.

There is no known cause for Asperger’s syndrome.  What is known is that heredity plays a big role in developing this type of autism.  Studies have shown that boys are four times more prone to develop Asperger’s syndrome more than girls.  In terms of treatment and management, children with Asperger’s syndrome need special education to cater to their special needs.  Therapy may involve behavioral strategies involving the patient and his/her family or friends.  Speech and physical therapy may also be prescribed for some patients depending on what’s needed.   Medication may also be given to treat associated symptoms like anxiety and/or depression among others.

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