What is ASMR?

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ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response and it refers to a sensation of pleasure and tingling that starts with the head and may radiate to other parts of the body.  This sensation is often triggered by various stimuli including visual and olfactory among many others.  With the pleasurable sensation felt mostly at the head area, some people also refer to ASMR as “head tingles or orgasm”.  Others also call it by a different name like “AIHO” or Attention Induce Head Orgasm. The term orgasm is typically associated with sexual stimulation but the sensation felt in ASMR is considered to be non-sexual in nature.  A simple whisper or a basic video can make people feel a pleasant and tingling sensation that starts in their heads and travels to their spines or extremities.

In terms of support from the scientific community, many are not fully convinced about ASMR because of limited studies and research regarding the topic.   Various lecturers and experts in the field of psychology and neurology also point to the fact that the subject of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is very difficult to study or investigate upon.  This is simply due to the fact ASMR does not result from a single stimulus.  Different people get the so-called head-tingling sensation from different stimuli.  Some people get the sensation when something is whispered softly in their ears.  Other people meanwhile get ASMR when watching certain videos.  There are also people who get the pleasant sensation from listening to their favorite music.  With a variety of stimuli that can cause people to get the tingling sensation in their heads, even the experts have difficulty in the scientific aspect of ASMR.

People who believe about the subject of ASMR often point out its similarities to the sensation that people get from meditation.  Through deep thoughts and focus for example, the pleasurable sensation may be achieved and it can be felt in the form of head-tingling or ASMR.

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