What is ASHX?

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ASHX refer to the web handler files or file extensions of the ASP.NET platform. ASP. NET is Microsoft’s server-side platform that is widely used for web development. This platform basically allows for the creation of so-called dynamic web pages and sites. Instead of the standard page where users just read text articles and see a couple of images, ASP.NET allows developers to include interactive widgets and modules in a particular page. Web pages developed using ASP.NET are labelled as dynamic because these pages can offer various interactive services like comments widgets and email services among other possible dynamic modules. To create these dynamic pages, ASP.NET uses several file handlers like ASHX especially when dealing with various internet protocols.

ASHX file extensions of the ASP.NET framework are also referred to as HTTP handlers. HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and it represents one of many standards in the area of web page development and structure. Many software and webpage developers use ASHX files in order to handle HTTP-related concerns without having to undergo the long process of a page request. Having to make a page request may sometimes take so long depending on the network and hardware conditions and using the ASHX feature of the ASP.NET platform makes things easier for many web developers.

Some experts also use ASHX handler files to make XML file renders or when creating download files while doing other tasks. Using HTTP handlers like ASHX files basically makes it easier for web developers to do other tasks in the web page without having to create the usual and standard page requests. Some people also make use of ASHX file extensions to help them with image rendering or for emitting files. Various small tasks may be done simultaneously and effectively using HTTP handlers in the ASP.NET web development platform.

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