What is asexual?

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Asexual is the term used for people who are not in any way sexually attracted to other people.  When there is no sexual interest towards a person of the opposite sex or even of the same sex, one is considered to be asexual. For some people, asexuality is a type of sexual orientation or the lack of it.  It is believed that about 1% of the world’s population classify themselves as being asexual.

When there is no sexual interest or attraction towards other people, it does not mean that the person involve cannot create or be in a relationship with other people. Being asexual does not automatically mean that a person cannot have a romantic relationship with another person.  The main difference is that asexual people just don’t have the sexual attraction towards his/her partner.  An asexual couple may be romantic and sweet with each other but the desire for sex is absent. These relationships may be a romance between lovers or a deep friendship with another person.  The activities that asexual people do while in a romance or friendship is basically the same with regular people except that there is no sexual interest involved.

Being asexual is also different from being celibate in the sense that asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction towards another person while celibacy is a choice to not be involved in sexual relationships even if there is attraction or interest.  The same is true for people who choose sexual abstinence.  Asexuality is also relatively new to most people.  Not many people can actually understand the concept of being asexual as a personality or behavioral trait or even as a type of sexual orientation.  Despite these concerns, the advent of online networking and socializing has created a venue for asexual people to create communities that cater to their own issues and concerns.

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