What is Asceticism?

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Asceticism is a religious concept followed by many people which actually requires practicing of self denial in order to get closer to God. Other actions in this regard also include self mutilation, sleep deprivation, fasting and celibacy. Asceticism is derived from a greek word “askesis” that refers to exercise, practice or training. Just like the faith about similar concepts, many people are in different opinion about asceticism. Some people favor it through different justifications and some people are totally against it proving the concept wrong in the light of their respective religious studies.


Religious experts present many arguments regarding the concept of asceticism. Some people say that it was a common practice in some churches. The Christians adopted this practice in order to know the importance of spiritual things in their life and that how these spiritual things can help a person to become closer to the God. The concept of asceticism is completely linked to the moral values. Generally it is associated with those features of the religion that are objectionable. So from that point of view it may also be practiced by those people as well who have no religious motives or they follow no religion. If a person aims to aquire natural virtues just because of his own interest, his own personal satisfaction or for any other human reason, he is practicing asceticism to an extent. The person of this very nature will continue this practice throughout his life and he will never get afraid of mental and bodily pains he will be facing during this process. He will be in self denial, punish himself on daily basis. He will be doing all this stuff just to make himself all ready in order to face the future failures of his life. All these practices are done in natural asceticism which may not go perfect every time you adopt it in your life.

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